Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4th Annual CBKA Tournament - 2014 Charity Kayak Tournament

Be sure to register soon for this years CBKA charity tournament the weekend of September 12th-14th. It is sure to be a great time as it has been the past 3 years and most importantly it helps raise money for Make-A-Wish and CCA-MD.

The event will be hosted again at Camp Wright in Stevensville, MD offering camping or cabins on site.

The captains meeting will conclude with a potluck dinner and open fire fish cooking demonstrations.

Last year there were 109 registrants so lets try to help the CBKA crew top that total and raise more money that last year!!

Sign up today at!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

3 Months of Fishing: A Picture Recap

I've been super busy lately with work and helping plan my wedding coming up in August, but I've still found some time to fish. The last three months have yielded some personal bests on the Kayak for me starting with Striper Season in April. Here's a picture recap from the last few months of my most notable catches; starting with my Personal Best Striper from a Kayak: Safely Released Personal Best Severn River Striper Largest Pickerel to date at 25.5" Eastern Shore of VA Red 2 Reds coming home for dinner First triple header on the Hobie; two Stripers and a Speck Biggest Speck of the year so far Personal Best Snakehead. Photo Cred: Matt Baden Blood on the deck! Snakehead Filet about to go on the grill Crabbing with my Dad and Taylor Filling the basket Thanks for checking out the pictures, now it's time to get back on the water! -Shane

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Where have I been?

I just completed an intercoastal trip from Deale, MD to St. Augustine, FL with my friend Captain Luke Thatcher and other buddy Matt. Luke is moving his head boat business there and we have renamed the boat Miss St. Augustine. The boat is located at the Conch House so be sure to check it out if your in the area. 

It was quite the adventure. Here are a few pictures from the trip from when we weren't gettin punished by massive waves, winds and storms.  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

MSSA Championship on the Chesapeake

This past weekend was the first MSSA event with an official kayak division. This is a big deal for the sport of kayak fishing in Maryland. The MSSA tournament is the highest paying tournaments in the Chesapeake bay with winners of the boat division some year taking home in excess of $60,000. While the only concerning factor is the amount of fish that are caught and killed.

In order to help promote more catch and release and kayak fishing the kayak division was added. The division boasted some generous gaurenteed cash prizes with 1st place taking home $2000, 2nd place taking home $1000 and 3rd place $500. The event allowed fishing in any legal MD waters using a catch-photo-release scoring system with the total length of two fish. 

The weather for the event was almost perfect and allowed for fishing all 3 days, but Sunday had some tough windy conditions. 

I fished the event with my Dad in the Annapolis area of the bay. We fished up and down and all around between the Thomas point light and Tolley point shoal. 

Both of us caught plenty of fish the first day, which turned out to be the most productive day for everyone. I finished the day with a two fish total of 44.5" and my Dad had 44". My biggest was 25.5" caught casting the shoreline using a 3-arm Alabama rig with bust em baits 3.5" paddletail plastics (2 hooks and 1dummy).

Some big fish were caught Friday including 3 over 30 inches. 

Saturday rolled around quickly and I immediately upgraded my smallest fish first thing putting my total at 46.25". But that would be most of the excitement for the rest of the weekend. I caught many more small dink rocks but none big enough to upgrade. 

Somehow I was able to hang on to 3rd place with my buddy Dail, the creator of www.snaggedline.com, close behind with a 37" total with only one fish.  I really lucked out he couldn't find a small little rock. But I probably would have traded my fish and 3rd place for the 37+" any day. 

Last Friday Shane, Dave and I fished for some more stripers and I was finally rewarded after 5 years of fishing for stripers from the kayak. 


Shane also managed 31.5"!!!! And we caught many other small fish.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MAKBF Event 1 Recap

The 2014 MAKBF got off to a running start this past Saturday April 26th. Forty four anglers showed up to Slavin's Boat Ramp to compete for first place on Mattawoman Creek and points towards Angler of the Year.

This year the Angler of the Year will be crowned with custom dog tags which we thought would be fitting for our series as we donate proceeds to Heroes on the Water.

This event was sponsored by Kanan Lures and YakAttack. The winner of the biggest bass took home this awesome prize package from Kanan Lures.

Fishing was somewhat difficult but 14 of the 44 participants were able to limit out with 3 fish, although two didn't check in there catches in time.
Dave "Turtle135" Thompson - 19.5" Big Bass
Dave "Turtle135" Thompson - 52.75" Total

Unfortunately we had a small mix up with 2nd place that was missed while taking photos, but we were able to square everything away eventually. So we would like to congratulate Mike "Chexone" Soudee for the quality finish with 50" total.
Dave "Donkeyfish" Adlington - 48.75" Total

Angler of the Year Standings:
Dave Thompson (Turtle135)- 12
Mike Soudee (Chexone)- 9
Dave Adlington (Donkeyfish) - 8
CJ Espey (Bust em Baits) - 7
Matt Baden (CB Kayak 02) - 6
Mike Chaney - 5
Jeremy Angle - 4
Alberto Tabian (Berto) - 3
Joe Deisvaldi - 2
Chris Burke - 1

Next event is May 31st at Pohick Bay Park. Click the MAKBF tab at the top of the page for more details and the link to the event on Facebook.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

DIY - PVC Rod Holders V2 -Pro Angler 12

So I was dumb and didn't secure my set up to the kayak... and of course it was only a matter of time that driving highways at speeds of 70mph+ that it was going to fly off and it did last weekend while driving to Piscataway Creek. Fortunately it didn't hit any cars or cause an accident.

So I decided to change the template for my rod holder set up to incorporate the things I liked and change the things I didn't.

1. Keep the trolling arms within the width of the kayak. My previous setup allowed for wider trolling, but it would catch on pilings, bridges, etc.

2. Move it a little further back, as the PA12 seat would be in the way of the vertical rods or vice versa.

3. Make the crabbing prop stick attachment easier to use without having to detach the trolling rod holder.


3 -  90 degree elbows
3 -  3-way connectors
2 -  4-way connectors
2 -  90 degree street elbows
2 -  1 1/2 to 1 1/4 downsizers
2 -  1 1/4 pieces to fit in existing rod holders
2 -  1 1/2 pieces 4" long
2 -  1 1/2 pieces 5.25" long
1 -  1 1/2 pieces 6" long
2 -  1 1/2 pieces 10" long (trolling rod holders)
2 -  1 1/2 pieces 1" long
2 -  1 1/2 pieces 7" long (vertical rod holders
Lots of stainless screws (I put 4 screws at each connection) *definitely over kill
Spray paint color of your choice

So I do need to make some minor adjustments in order to get the vertical bases directly over te scupper holes to allow the cart to fit. So I will trim the outer 4-way connector pieces by about 1/2" and then get a new piece for the middle that is about 1" longer. But it works for now. Where I will be fishing this week doesn't require a cart. 

I will also need to file down some of te edges on the rod holders. 

I use the existing hobie bungees to hold the rod holders in place, this should prevent me from losing it again.